Good morning, everybody! This is JEANIE. Hope everything is going on hale and hearty in your life. To lead a healthy life, one has to take into consideration a lot of things. In fact, the definition of a healthy and happy life varies from person to person. It might not be the same for you and me. But certain basic things remain the same.
I am an interior designer by profession. I advise my clients on how they can make their home or office more decorative and presentable. In fact, my areas of interest include all the good things in life, things that make life worth living. So, as you start going through my blog, you will find me talking about a lot of things from food and health, to travel and pets, and lots more. Here are some of the major things that I would love to discuss with my readers.
The food we eat plays a significant role in keeping us healthy and happy. After all, it goes without saying that where there is health, there is happiness. But the point is, in order to lead a healthy life, we need to be careful about what we are eating. For instance, however delicious it might be, diabetic people ought to stay away from food that has high sugar content. You will find me discussing in my blogs how food affects different conditions and how you can tackle certain ailments by eating the right kind of food.
Home Improvement
Now this is one of my favorite areas, the passion for which led me to take up interior designing as my profession. I have shared a number of my own tips with my clients who have fruitfully implemented them. Now it’s time to share some of my ideas with my readers, hoping that they would find the ideas helpful. I always feel, that whenever we talk about a healthy lifestyle, we cannot leave out the ambience of our home, which contributes significantly in enhancing our mental or physical health.
I simply love pets, so how can my blog be complete without them? I have a pet cat and a dog and all the members of my family, including my children are immensely fond of them. Spending a number of years amidst pets has given me ample amount of experience regarding their habits. So, I have included some discussion about pets in my blog too!
I have been told from my childhood days that traveling helps one enter into those areas of knowledge where text books cannot take you. Whenever I have got time I have travelled a lot and yes, with each travel, my mind has become fresher and I have learned so many things. Each experience that I have shared is very precious to me.
In my blog you will find many other miscellaneous topics of discussion. For instance, I have included a piece on saving money just because I have faced such a situation in my life. I welcome my readers to not only read my blog but also to give their valuable opinion, suggestions and comments. Remember that learning or sharing of ideas is never a one way process.