The key to living a healthy life is staying fit. And when I say it’s all about staying fit, you can achieve it with regular exercise, as well as without it. Some might raise a point and tell that the key to staying fit is doing regular exercise. Hence, how can it be possible that someone can stay fit without any work out? The truth is – there are ways in which one can stay fit without exercise. My husband, Ted is an example of that. He never exercises, as he hates it. Yet, he is as fit as anyone. Now the question is how he keeps fit? Here are the things that he follows. You can do the same as well. You can buy a pedometer, or you can use the pedometer app from your smart phone. This device will be able to tell you how much calorie you need to shed on a given day. You need to take at least 10,000 steps a day to remain healthy, and this is the device that is going to help you in that, as it has helped Ted. In case you do not have the scope to take 10,000 steps you need do something alternative to remain active. Another thing that you can do to remain healthy is simply walk faster than your normal pace of walking. You need to walk at least a couple of pace faster, as it will help you burn extra calories, increase the rate of your heart and save time. In fact, if you have the options of commuting to any place by cycling, biking or driving, opt for cycling, if not walking, as cycling also helps you burn calories. This is not only an excellent substitute of workout in gym, it also helps you release the work-related stress and allow you to gather Vitamin D. You need to grow the habit of relaxing, and for that you need to breathe deeply. For instance, just sit back, relax and then take a deep breath well into your chest. Continue this for at least 5 to 6 minutes. You need to do this before you go to bed at night. Another very good way of keeping fit is gardening, cleaning and doing the household chores for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. My husband opts for gardening every weekend whenever we are at home and that does the wonder. Also, you need to opt for twitching. Though the movements of twitching are at times a bit frowned upon, certain exercises like tapping the fingers, stretching the muscles, rolling the eyes, clockwise and anti clockwise movement of wrists and neck, and frequent pacing and standing will help you improve your metabolism. One very easy but at the same time fruitful tactic that you need to follow is avoiding sitting longer than 30 minutes in a place at a time. Those who do that are exposed to the risk of chronic back pain, and spondylosis. Also pay heed to your sitting posture. So following all these makes sure that you do not have to exercise regularly, and still can be as fit as my hubby.