Hi there, hope you enjoyed my last article on what it means to be both healthy and happy.

In that article, if you can remember, I was positively affirming to you all that living healthily and happily is a big part of the concept of wellness.

Your healthy dietary requirements are another part of that. Today, I’m going to chat to you a little bit about how a healthy and balanced diet benefits you by way of discussing some of its essential ingredients.

There’s also something special ahead. If you haven’t heard of this craze by now – no, it’s not carbo-loading, that’s passé, and in any case, as it has turned out, it’s actually quite bad for you – I’ll tell you what it is. It’s called juicing. And that’s also what I’m going to try and do here. I’m going to show you how you can blend juicing into dietary requirements, just as easy as it was for you to order your favorite soda and takeout before.

Let me start this informative and yet inspirational article by pointing out some of the benefits that can be derived from home-made juicing. But what does home-made juicing really mean? Basically, you will always be preparing your own natural ingredients. Before that, you will be sourcing your own required produce from the supermarket, health food store or organic produce market instead of buying bottled fruit juice which, as it turns out, is just as bad, if not, worse, than the consumption of soda. About the only thing artificial, if one can call it that, about this home production health enterprise, is the juicing machine that’s being used to effectively produce your succulent and tasty flavors.

The ingredients added to the juicer and then poured into your glass do the following things for you and your body. For starters, it does help you to lose weight, if you’re faced with that predicament. The fact that the juicing ingredients help boost our metabolism and immune system also helps remind us of the fundamental fact that wellness means living healthily. Cardiovascular health improves and the risks of cancer are reduced.

A healthy body does certainly help reduce stress and most certainly leads to more smiles all-round. Apples, broccoli, beetroot, cucumber, carrots, strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce are just a handful of the many regularly used ingredients. For typically summer refreshment, kiwi fruit and grapefruit gets added to the mix. A new craze is that of kale. It is well worth spending a few minutes researching this exotic green vegetable. And that’s another thing. Just remember that juicing isn’t all just about fruit juice. There’s vegetable juice as well.

In anyone’s book, vegetables are extremely essential for the composition of a healthy and balanced diet. Alongside fruits such as berries, vegetables also contain ingredients that contribute towards stress reduction and thus make a nice, healthy contribution towards overall wellness. You remember how I began to take issue with carbohydrates in my previous article’s remarks on unnecessarily high levels of consumption? Well, we’re not about to take a rain check on carbohydrates altogether. Just remember that there are healthy carbohydrates as well.

Healthy carbohydrates come by way of your fruits and vegetables. It also comes from beans and whole grains, barley, brown rice and millet. Those of you, who still love your pasta, can now go for healthier whole wheat varieties. But you still need to limit your portions and watch those sauces. Instead of preparing fatty and creamy, cheesy sauces, you could focus more on using tomato-enriched sauce bases with loads of olive oil or similar oils (to experiment with taste mainly). Olive oil forms part of the good cholesterol group of ingredients.

Before I end this article on dietary requirements for healthy and happy living, let me quickly give you a short list of ingredients that will make up what is known as a green juice. This juice is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin K and iron. Oops, I almost forgot. There’s vitamin C in this mix as well. Here are those ingredients; lemon, cucumber, kale, ginger and water, that’s all really. The lemon is freshly squeezed; the kale and just one tablespoon of ginger are finely chopped. And within a minute or so, your green juice is ready.

I like variety when it comes to dieting and exercise. Every day is like something new and exciting is about to happen. The mind is stimulated and always remains focused and interested in what’s been placed on the table to eat or on the next exercise session. I mentioned to you in my last note that I’m no longer obsessed with breaking records. Okay, every now and then the human mind and body does feel like a challenge. Like sprinting up a hill or staying out for a little bit longer on the road. But that’s only on the odd occasion.

The more important preoccupation, essential towards achieving and maintaining health and wellness, is enjoying your new road trip of discoveries about yourself and your body.