Over the years, the legendary Jack Lalane has lent his name to numerous products that benefit our health in the long run. If you were to follow the trail of Lalane’s innovative health and fitness career from, say, the nineteen fifties of the previous century, you would find that, back in the day, a handful of American gyms were named after him. In later years, numerous new product lines, from natural, vitamin based supplements to Jack Lalane juice recipes, would be named after the legendary fitness expert. This short article will not be wasting any health and fitness enthusiasts’ time and will be going straight to the juice of the matter, explaining why some of the legendary Jack Lalane juice recipes are just awesome. Before we proceed to some of the commonly used juicing ingredients, it is worthwhile inviting new readers, and those still quite new to health, fitness, and healthy eating (and juicing) plans, to do a little background reading on the famous Jack Lalane, purely for interest’s and inspiration’s sake. Believe us when we say this, you will not be disappointed. An apple a day keeps the doctor away Most of you reading this must be familiar with this old phrase by now. Apples are rich in antioxidants and natural sugars. But the secret remains in the apples’ skins. When juicing only apples, yes, one Lalane recipe only requires that you juice just apples, and nothing but apples, retain the skins. By doing so, you retain what are known as bioflavonoids. These are strong antioxidants that help you to combat cancer and heart disease. The skins’ ingredients also contain an important fiber known as pectin. This helps to reduce cholesterol in the body. Ginger spice There is no debate, ginger remains one of the world’s most formidable natural health ingredients. Another well-known Lalane recipe has just a small slice of ginger root and a quarter of lemon squeezed in with just three apples, all with the skins still on it. Ginger is also a legend. The Chinese have been using it for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory aid. This ingredient has helped people reduce the symptoms of arthritis and joint pains familiar to those who are advancing in their years. The ginger also helps to prevent the entry of inflammatory chemicals into the body. The great vegetable juice Fruit remains a winner in terms of its wealth of antioxidants. As an inspired and well-practiced juicer, you have the option to always add in your own ingredients, but do be mindful of what benefits each specific vegetable added brings to your body. One particular Lalane recipe, containing only vegetables, contains no less than eight vegetables, namely; broccoli, beetroot, cucumber, carrots, red bell pepper and tomatoes. Ginger can be added to this concoction as well. Taking all these ingredients together, this is what you can expect from them. This juice boosts your immune system; it promotes healthy skin, strengthens the blood and helps in the fight against cancer. Now, what I like about this particular juice is simply the following. This juice takes good care of a rather pertinent lifestyle problem. While they say that an apple a day will keep the good doctor away, we should all be consuming no less than eight vegetables throughout the day. But not many of us are able to achieve this healthy eating requirement. It all depends on what we are used to eating during the course of the day, how much and when. This easy to make juice, you could just say, acts as a natural compensation for our lifestyle deficiencies. But of course, it goes without saying, your good doctor and the great Jack Lalane would tell you this, we should all be striving to increase our uptake of solid vegetables (and fruits). In conclusion, this much can be said about the Jack Lalane-inspired juice recipes. They are simply awesome. Why are they so? Well, for one thing, they are really tasty. Those of you who are well down the line in terms of being successfully healthy and fit will have a feast. But those of you, who are just coming to grips with the need to lose weight and […]