In the Amazonia, rivers are like roads, and as far as I can remember, riverboat trips can offer you an awesome Amazonian experience. I had my first riverside trip across the Amazon three years back, and it was the time just before Christmas. From sleeping in the hammocks and traveling at a uniquely slow pace to watching the forest or the river and experiencing local life flow at its own pace, the experience was something I really cannot forget. It might sometimes seem a little boring as you get to see the same scenery and eat the same food every day, but I assure you that the charm of the place is enough to keep you captivated throughout your stay.
I would definitely love to share some tips with you that would enable you to make the most out of your Amazon riverboat trip. I had a wonderful experience, and I wish you have one too!
•    Before you go for your trip, purchase a hammock and rope so that you can hang the hammock. Well, if you are planning a non-stop party for three or four days, then you may skip buying one. A sleep sack or a sheet is a wonderful option if there is a dip in the temperature.
•    As my experience says, there are very little chances that your gear will get wet. However, it hardly costs anything to play safe. So, put your gear in a big plastic bag, and tie it at the top.
•    Now I am always a bit fussy about securing a good spot for setting up the hammock. If you too wish to grab a great spot for your hammock, reach the boat at least seven to eight hours early. By the time the boat is ready to leave, you will find all the hammock spots packed up. You might even have to adjust with other travelers swinging below or above you.
•    As far as I know, the majority of the boats possess three decks. While the top one allows you to hang out, the lower and the middle ones are for hammocks. I would suggest you the middle deck, since the first one has the engine. And well!  Try to stay as much away from the buffet area and the toilets as possible, if you want to avoid a smelly or a noisy trip. A smart thing that you can do is to give some small tip to a porter and have him choose a nice spot for you and get your hammock tied up.
•    If you ask me about theft, I won’t say that it is rampant, but still I would suggest certain common precautions such as knotting the drawstrings or locking the zippers. In case you are traveling with valuables, you should not leave them unattended at any cost. Be very careful with your belongings when the boat halts in port.
•    I would also like to talk to you about ‘camarotes’. Do you know about these? Camarotes are actually cabins which have around two to four bunks, along with a fan. The majority of the boats will have suites or camarotes, with bathrooms and aircons. The benefit of traveling in boats or camarotes is that instead of a hammock, you get a bed to sleep. You can also avail better food and keep your gear locked up. But yes, you will definitely miss out on the camaraderie that you can share with the others as you grab a space in a hammock. If you are thinking of booking a suite or cabin, try to stay away from the top deck, because there you will definitely get blasting music.
•    Buffet meals are available in the boat, but I really prefer to go for the sandwiches and burgers that are made in the boat’s kitchen once you order them. Also, during my trip, I carried energy bars, nuts and apples with me, which gave me good company whenever I felt hungry. Also, carry some liters of water with you.
•    Lastly, I would like to tell you that do not be disappointed if you do not come across anacondas, jaguars or spear-toting tribal people. You might expect a dream-like visit to the Amazons wherein you would encounter all these. But in reality that does not happen.
The Amazon is bound to leave you contented with a sublime experience. Unless you have unrealistic expectations, you will definitely make the most of your trip and have a memorable time.