Lives for women like us with a family and kids have never been easy. We enjoy doing a lot for our families, but can hardly find out times for ourselves. Hectic schedule, lack of proper workouts, and the likes take heavy toll on our health, and I was not out of these blues either.

A couple of years back on one fine morning I found that I could hardly recognize myself in the mirror, with extra weight, increasing waistlines, drooping shoulders, hints of dark circles around my eyes, and what not!! I told myself, “Jess, you are going to age very soon. Come on, you have got to do something!” I contacted my dietician, got in touch with a therapist and a yoga specialist and wanted to do something about it, but soon lost the zeal! Thanks again to my daily routine. The very first day I started my workout, it was my husband who interrupted me, as he could not find his socks! On another day, it was my daughter, who cried out, “Mama, I want my favorite cookies!!” and that was it.

Then, ultimately, I decided that I will have to think differently, and do something out of the box, which will motivate me in my workouts. I did so, maintaining all my daily routine and giving enough time to my family. So here’s what did the trick for me.

Rewarding myself

Well, it might sound crazy, but it did make the difference! I started rewarding myself with a weekend movie or theatre, after every 6 days of workouts! 6 days of workouts for a sizeable time sans a single skip meant I deserved a movie or a theatre on Sunday with my family, and my husband Ted, had to pay for it. There was a contact between the two of us, and one day without workout meant I had to pay Ted $20. It was agreement in writing that both of us signed in, with my children as witness! And it worked!


Yes, that was something that motivated me a lot, more so when it was all about jogging! I have a knack of snapping pictures, and I did actually help me when I started taking my phone out in my jog! I had to run a sizeable distance to the riverside, which gave me a wonderful view of the sunrise and the nature there. One click everyday and my daughter used to select the best of them on the weekend and post it on her social media site. I did receive a lot of appreciation, and that did the trick! It helped me a lot in motivating me for that all important jog!


I contacted my best friend who is a fitness freak and joined her during her workouts. It had a double impact. She guided me in my workouts, and I got the chance to share some good moments with her, which kept me charged up all the day!

So you see, it was me who masterminded a noble way to motivate myself in my workouts! Try something similar, and I am sure it will work for you as well! All the best!