So, you want to wake up in the morning, feel fresh and start gearing up for those activities that will help you reach your destination in life. A majority of people can meditate, work, study or exercise at any time of the day except in the morning. So, is there anything that can be done to fight the morning blues? If you ask me, I will say definitely, why not? Given below are the smartest ways to feel fresh after you get up from bed in the morning. Read on and stay fresh!

Avoid dinner immediately before bedtime

Yes, I know. Many of us have the habit of having a hurried dinner and rushing to the bed to grab the pillow. But it is not good for your health in the long run. The entire process of digestion takes some time so it is not right to lie down immediately after a meal. Leave a gap of at least a few hours between your dinner and bedtime, and you are bound to feel fresher the next day.

Pray and meditate before sleeping at night

A friend of mine has introduced me to this wonderful habit.  Try it and you will find that it really pays off! If you spend just half an hour in meditating and praying, you can keep aside all the past worries, and move ahead towards a worry-free future. The main thing is that meditation teaches you to accept that the past is already gone so it is useless being anxious about it, and that while we are asleep, the future cannot be altered.

Friends, I must tell you that practicing meditation is a great medication for stress, and when you have a stress free sleep, you obviously get up fresher in the morning.

Say no to chocolate, red wine and coffee at night

It is obvious that if you want to wake up fresh in the morning you need a good night’s sleep and red wine, coffee or chocolate can ruin that. Scientifically speaking, it has been seen that these things cause sleep disturbance much more than anything else that we consume. By hindering the functioning of the intestines, they will make your sleep very light or will frequently wake you up. The best thing is not to go for these things after you have your lunch.

Go to toilet

It might seem funny if all of a sudden I tell you to go to toilet, but believe me, getting relieved as much as possible before going to bed does help. The kidneys will function all through the night and by morning time, the bladder will be filled. In case the bladder gets filled up early, there will be the urge to go to the toilet at night, and you have to compromise on your valuable sleep time.

Many people have the false notion that good sleeping is all about maintaining the total time required for sleep. But it is crucial to stay asleep continuously for a period since it takes certain hours to enter into that ‘rest zone’. Taking a toilet break prevents your body and mind from getting into that ‘rest zone’.

Sleep with the window open

If you keep the window slightly open while sleeping, the poisonous carbon dioxide will escape. At night, by keeping the window open, you will prevent this gas from filling up your room, since you release a lot of carbon dioxide when you breathe in your sleep. Moreover, by keeping the window open, you also allow oxygen to come in, which in turn helps to regulate the room’s temperature.

Stay away from killing noise

I may sound weird, when I say it, but yes, noise is actually a silent killer. Exposure to noise at night time actually shortens your lifespan. It is true that the roaring traffic or any other harsh noise is actually a killer in the guise. Continual noise damages the heart and if you wake up a number of times from your sleep, you get stressed.

In order to keep noise at bay, use some earplugs. In the market, you can buy earplugs that cancel out only certain sounds, still making you capable of hearing the baby monitor or alarm.